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From statement jewelry to chic scarves, trendy sunglasses to elegant handbags, we offer a wide range of accessories that cater to every fashion taste and occasion.

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PRE-ORDER NB Vintage Washed Backpack
Save €20,00NB Avantgarde Messenger Bag Grey
NB Avantgarde Messenger Bag Grey Sale price€49,95 Regular price€69,95
Save €5,00NB Bonehand Belt
NB Bonehand Belt Sale price€44,95 Regular price€49,95
NB Cuban Ring
NB Cuban Ring Sale price€34,95
NB Fence Ring
NB Fence Ring Sale price€34,95
Save €5,00NB Silver Star Chain
NB Silver Star Chain Sale price€34,95 Regular price€39,95
NB Moon Sunglasses
NB Moon Sunglasses Sale price€39,95
NB Lock Bracelet
NB Lock Bracelet Sale price€34,95
Save €30,00NB Avantgarde Glasses
NB Avantgarde Glasses Sale price€39,95 Regular price€69,95
NB Sportswear Sunglasses
NB Sportswear Sunglasses Sale price€39,95
NB Retro Shades
NB Retro Shades Sale price€39,95
NB Bullet Belt
NB Bullet Belt Sale price€39,95
Save €5,00NB Lock Necklace
NB Lock Necklace Sale price€34,95 Regular price€39,95
Cross Chain.
Cross Chain. Sale price€39,95
NB Cross Ring
NB Cross Ring Sale price€34,95
NB Star Ring
NB Star Ring Sale price€34,95
NB Silver Diamond Ring
NB Silver Diamond Ring Sale price€34,95
Save €10,00NB Blade Ball Silver Earrings
NB Blade Ball Silver Earrings Sale price€34,95 Regular price€44,95
NB Punk Belt
NB Punk Belt Sale price€29,95
NB Reflected D Sunglasses
NB Reflected D Sunglasses Sale price€39,95
NB Little Stars Shade
NB Little Stars Shade Sale price€39,95
NB Speed Sunglasses
NB Speed Sunglasses Sale price€39,95
NB Liquid Metal Earrings
NB Liquid Metal Earrings Sale price€29,95
NB Trapper Hat
NB Trapper Hat Sale price€49,95
NB Mini Star Belt
NB Mini Star Belt Sale price€29,95
NB Butterfly Belt
NB Butterfly Belt Sale price€39,95
NB Liquid Buckle Belt
NB Liquid Buckle Belt Sale price€39,95
NB Bubble Shade
NB Bubble Shade Sale price€39,95
Save €15,00NB Abstraction Buckle Belt
NB Abstraction Buckle Belt Sale price€44,95 Regular price€59,95
NB Star Buckle Belt
NB Star Buckle Belt Sale price€39,95
Save €10,00NB Be a Star Ring
NB Be a Star Ring Sale price€34,95 Regular price€44,95
NB Run Shades
NB Run Shades Sale price€34,95
NB Space Shades
NB Space Shades Sale price€34,95
NB Retro Shades
NB Retro Shades Sale price€34,95
Save €15,00Unlaced Pink Belt
Unlaced Pink Belt Sale price€84,90 Regular price€99,90
Sold outNB Shamrock Ring
NB Shamrock Ring Sale price€29,95
NB Cross Perle Ring
NB Cross Perle Ring Sale price€29,95